Japanese Tattoo Drawing Lesson

Artist: Dawn / June 26, 2017

Step 1.

Start with the guides for your lotus. Make a circle and then sketch in the petal guides inside.

Step 2.

Begun drawing the lotus bloom from the center out like so.

Step 3.

You will start to draw the thick petals around the center of the lotus. The center is more like a bulb.

Step 4.

Create more flower petals and then you can sketch out the ribbon like shapes and detailing under the lotus. The flower should also have definition like the indent on the center of the petal.

Step 5.

The flower concept is done. Now just draw in the Kanji on the lower right hand side.

Step 6.

Kanji is always easy to draw so just finish up the Kanji by drawing the remaining character. The Kanji says 'Rebirth'.

Step 7.

Here is the line art. Now you can color in your Japanese tattoo concept.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 26, 2017
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Tags: how to draw flowers, how to draw kanji
Description: Here is a very pretty concept for a tattoo idea for those of you who like Japanese style art inked on your bodies. This lesson will show you how to draw a Japanese tattoo, step by step. In the lesson you will draw a lotus flower along with Japanese Kanji for the lettering. I love the coloring aspect of this lesson because of how the colors of the flower blend in with the background of the canvas. It is definitely a tattoo that I could see getting on my back shoulder or a smaller version on my wrist. Drawing Japanese tattoos can be really fun because you can make them as beautiful as you like. If there is something you would like to add to this tattoo concept, go ahead and do it. It's your body getting inked and when you get ink done, you should always make sure it's meaningful.