How to Draw a Flower Fairy


We will begin our lesson by drawing the guides to create a frame for your fairy. Start with a circle for the head, a torso shape and then the guide for her lower body. Sketch in the facial guidelines and then the guidelines for the wings and arms.


Up next, draw on the shape of the fairy's head by sketching out her hairstyle which is long and curly.


Draw in the shape of her face, then let's draw the eyes, nose and mouth. The lids should be thick and bold.


Okay guys, draw a headband and then draw two flowers on her headband like so. This is a hippie style headband.


We will now turn our attention to her body starting with the shape of her neck. We will then move along to form her shoulders, torso and then body shape. This fairy is sitting in a 3/4 view pose.


Continue on by drawing the arms as they come together at the wrists. You will then draw in the flower top and add the dimpling to the elbows and hips.


Draw in more of her hair but this time it should be as long as her arms. Add some detailing to the hair and at the top of her head.


As you can see we are almost done with this drawing of a flower fairy. Just draw the legs which are her thighs and knees. Then draw a bedding of flower petals. You can choose to draw lilac petals, or go with blooms from your favorite flower.


Here is the really fun part. Everyone knows that drawing fairy wings is awesome. We will now tackle the task of drawing her beautiful wings. You can go with any size, shape or style you like here. I was trying to keep it simple so everyone can have f   


Once the shapes of her wings have been drawn out, you can sketch in the design you would like your fairy to have. After that is complete, erase your mistakes and all the guides you made in the beginning of the lesson.


That's it. You are all done drawing your flower fairy. Now you can have fun choosing a color pallet to bring your flower fairy to life.

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January 17, 2017

Description: Hey folks. I'm happy to be back with some lessons and today is a special day because I have a variety of tuts that will make everyone happy because they are all on different types of things. I will begin by showing you folks how to draw a flower fairy, step by step. As you know I have done many fairy lessons in the past, but every once in a while I like to create new fairy concepts. The one you see in front of you is based on my favorite summertime flower and that is the Lilac. She has lilac petals in her hair and is kneeling on a bed of lilac petals. This fairy is very pretty and I think you will enjoy this concept immensely. Having said all that, let me get back to uploading more tuts and you can get busy with tackling this drawing tutorial on drawing a fairy tattoo.

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