How to draw Yuri,Yuri from angel Beats

Artist: minun_pokemon / June 21, 2013
How to draw Yuri,Yuri from angel Beats

Step 1.

First you'll draw the right side of Yuri's face.

Step 2.

Next,draw the knuckles on her hand,which are next to her face,but look as if they are on her.

Step 3.

After that,draw the detail for part of her hair,and her headband.

Step 4.

Then draw her bangs,which are very choppy and split in many different places.

Step 5.

Next,you'll draw the rest of her hand.

Step 6.

Now,you'll finish drawing the rest of her hair.

Step 7.

After that,you will start drawing her shoulder,and part of her arm,which is bent,and goes off of the screen...

Step 8.

Next,draw her other arm,and shoulder, which is bent upward.

Step 9.

Then you'll draw the other part of her arm.

Step 10.

Now you'll draw the part of her chest,and where her figure bends inward for her curve where her abdomen ends and hips would begin.

Step 11.

Next draw the lines for the "v" of the neck for the collar of her shirt.

Step 12.

After that,add more details to her clothing,and the line for where her arm bends at.

Step 13.

Now,add more details.

Step 14.

Next,add even more details! XD

Step 15.

Then,you will add...More Details!! Yay! Details!

Step 16.

Now,add,more and more details!

Step 17.

Now you can add in the shape for the eyes,and the eyebrows.Phew,atleast you're done with the details!:D

Step 18.

Next,add the bow which is on the side of her headbend,or near it atleast.

Step 19.

Lastly,add colour! And you have just learned how to draw Yuri from Angel Beats!

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Artist: minun_pokemon
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Description: This is how to draw Yuri,from Angel Beats! For ChibiGirl10,hope you like it! :D