How to Draw an Anime Girl

Artist: Alley1 / February 17, 2013

Step 1.

Draw your circle. XD

Step 2.

Now, draw a curved line down the circle. Since this is a 3/4 view, the line is drawn slightly at an angle. If the left side of the face seems smaller than the right, you're doing it correctly. Make sure to draw the chin, too! ^^

Step 3.

Draw the neck and the basic shape of the eyes. Remember that 3/4 views have a weird twist to the eyes. Since it's the left side that experiences it, the left eye will be slightly smaller than the right eye is.

Step 4.

Continue with the eyes as shown.

Step 5.

Kay. Trickiest part even for ME to do. The eyelashes. Now, these eyelashes are different to ones I've done in the past. They have a more realistic feel to it and the key to drawing these well is to take your time. Also, doing a quick flick of the han   

Step 6.

Now the facial features such as the: mouth, nose, eyelid lines, and eyebrows. ^^

Step 7.

On to the hair. This can be either very simple or very difficult to do. So, to avoid frustration, it always helps to do a basic outline for the hair you desire, like I've done here. Start easy and gradually move up to the more advanced stuff.

Step 8.

Now, you can fill in the basic outline of hair with all the details and textures to make it look detailed.

Step 9.

And now, you're done~~! :D You can try to imitate my shading if you wish to but that might be difficult with the eyes. So, later on, I'll think about making a tutorial of how I shade anime eyes now. Until then, y'all!

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Artist: Alley1
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Description: Yo! I'm back everyone! It's been a few months since I published ANOTHER tut. Sorry but this isn't a digital art one. I'm taking a break from that stuff for a little bit. Anyways, I just did this tut in my boredness of nothing else to do. So... ENJOY! XD