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How to draw a My little pony,Mlp-Fim Style

Artist: minun_pokemon / June 22, 2013
How to draw a My little pony,Mlp-Fim Style

Step 1.

First off,let's dive right on into what you're going to learn today. There is many different positions that the pony/ponies head(s) can be in,but here are the most common.

Step 2.

Next,you're head needs some eyes on it! so here are some eye designs,open and closed,I made most of them up,so if you are wondering why they don't appear in the show,that's why. ;D

Step 3.

Okay,let's get to the hooves already,here are some positions in which the front legs and hooves can possibly be in.

Step 4.

Your pony needs some back hooves too! Here are some of the variables in which the hind legs and hooves can come in.

Step 5.

Wing time! Are you going to make your pony a pegasus? If so,than here are a few types of wings that you can possibly put on your pony.

Step 6.

Also,is your pony a Unicorn,well,here are 4 horns you can possibly use,rounded and sharp tipped.

Step 7.

Alright,Ready for the actual Tutorial? Okay,here goes nothing,first off,start out with the guidelines for the head,neck and body.

Step 8.

Next,add the features on the head,like the ear,which is pointed up,the eyes and the mouth,which is open.

Step 9.

After that,draw the line for the back,and the chest.

Step 10.

Then,add the two left legs,and the stomach.

Step 11.

Now,add the two right legs,the front one is bent,and therefore,shortened.

Step 12.

Next,draw the mane,and tail,don't worry about any intercepting lines,they'll be erased later in the tutorial.

Step 13.

After doing that,add in the eyes,and erase all the unwanted lines,like the guidelines,and the ones that went through the mane,which used to be where her neck ended and back started.((I didn't erase them on this particular step,but you should anyways    

Step 14.

Lastly,add colour,maybe shade it in if you can...And You,My friend,Have just learned,once more,from Minun_pokemon,how to draw a my little pony,friendship is magic style.

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Artist: minun_pokemon
Date Added: June 22, 2013
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Tags: how to draw ponies
Description: This is just a random Pony tutorial that I did,just to help the beginner artists of My Little Pony Out! ;D Hope ya'll like it,or maybe even love it! XD