Drawing Mime Jr, step by step


Okay, to begin this tutorial, draw Mime Jr's head with a cone and the basic shape of his dancing body. Add the guidelines which will help you place the facial features later on.


Add the akward looking hat kind of thing on the cone and place the little white sphere on it.Now add the eyes, nose,and mouth.


Draw his long arms, and MAKE SURE that one arm is slightly higher than the other and add the sphere on his belly.


This tutorial is coming to a close, and the last step is to draw the fluff on his waist and add his dancing legs.


You have now completed Mime Jr!!! Add some colour to it to bring it to life. I'll be back with much more tuts to look for you to look foward to! Asta Lavista!

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March 22, 2013

Description: Hi this is LugiaPaint22 here with my first tutorial. Many people have requested Mime Jr and I will be the one to submit the tutorial for you guys! Sorry, the colouring on this is not my best. Well, Asta Lavista and enjoy drawing Mime Jr!

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