How to Draw an Anime Character, Usui Tumaki

Artist: catlucker / February 3, 2013

Step 1.

We are taking a shortcut in the guidelines. Draw the circle with the intersecting lines for a) the eyebrows, b) the eyes, c) the mouth, and e) the shoulders (d) wasn't included). Sketch in the lines with a No. 2 pencil. Remember to do it lightly for    

Step 2.

I think I've been influenced by manga, because you read from right to left. So start out part of his headband, hair and eye on the right side.

Step 3.

Now sketch in the left side. Make sure you get in his eyebrows.

Step 4.

Draw in his face outline, mouth and that small outline shadow.

Step 5.

Take your time while drawing this picture because in this step you need to pay close attention to how his hair spikes and how his headband tie falls. Now draw it and don't forget his ear.

Step 6.

Draw in the spikes on the left side of the paper. Sketch it in, erase... practice to get those shapes in and don't forget his ear.

Step 7.

Finally draw in the last portion of his hair spikes, neck, and turtleneck.

Step 8.

Observe your guidelines and how they relate to the drawing. Start on his left shoulders and draw in his tattered shirt sleeve.

Step 9.

You can draw in the left side of his shirt and arm. Now you can erase the guidelines if you haven't already.

Step 10.

Your drawing may look like this or you might have your own version. At this point, you can color in your picture with a medium of your choice.

Step 11.

Here is the basic color combination of the Usui that you can follow.

Step 12.

This is a full color picture of Usui done in my Sai program. The difference is the lines aren't as thick and they were colored to match the reference picture. Shadows around his eyes, under his neck and on his arm were added.

Step 13.

In this picture, I had erased the original Usui in the background so that picture wouldn't blend in with mines. I merged many layers so I could blur and blend. The background was layered in to save time. I'm closing now. Let me know what you think o   

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Description: I love how this guy loves his girl. Though he says perverted things like, "Be my maid for a day," or "I'd do things to you," or even "If you were my sister, I'd be so turned on." Hehehehe... what lady would like to be wanted so deeply. Not only he says he loves her (Misaki Ayuzawa), but he keeps her secret that she's working as maid (waitress) at the Maid Latte Cafe. No matter how much she yells and calls him perverted or a stalker, he saves her countless times and whispers loving and encouraging words in her ears. *faint* That's why I draw him so much and he's soooo cute too! In this tutorial you'll get a chance to draw the handsome Usui Takumi from the anime series and manga titled,"Kaichou wa Maid-sama" (Student Council President is a Maid). I hope you find this tutorial enjoyable. Let me know what you think of this tut by commenting, faving or clicking on "Love It"! Peace n love to ya!