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All you have to do is draw two guide lines for the letters to be drawn on. These lines will help ensure that the letters come out aligned and even across the page.


The letters for each word are sort of rough or bulky. Lets start with the "Warcraft" word first. Use your ruler and lightly start making the lining to draw a W. The A is next and it should be drawn with the left corners attached to the W like you see   


The C that you will draw next should start with a point and slanted top edge. The top and bottom of the C should have diamond like shapes, draw the R the same way you did in War, and then continue to slowly sketch out the other letters using a ruler.


The word 'World' is going to be draw out in a much smaller way. The best way to draw the W is to combine two V's together with the arms overlapping each other like you see here. Make the O, R, L, D, and be sure that each letter is capital not lowerca   


Last drawing step guys, Draw in the 'of' in the center of the O and then add in all the holes, and detailing lines that turns the letters into dimensional letters. Erase the guidelines and you are done.


Here is what the letters or logo looks like when you are all done. You can now use what you have learned to your liking, and thank you for joining me today!

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July 12, 2011

Description: For all you World of Warcraft fans out there I have a special treat; a lesson on "how to draw Wow", step by step. The logo or words for the extremely popular computer game is well-recognized and is often drawn on books, walls, and even computers of all lovers of the game. For Christmas I actually bought my fourteen year old sister a black tee-shirt with the words ‘World of Warcraft’ printed on the front. She is a big time fan of the game and we used play together all the time about a year ago. It might be tricky to start this tutorial or task because there is a lot of lines, edges, and points involved when making each letter of the logo. The complexity level for this lesson is going to be set at intermediate, and I do suggest that you have yourself a ruler, pencil, and good eraser handy before even attempting to begin the tutorial. If I was drawing the letters for WOW on paper, I would definitely not proceed unless I had those three basic drawing tools. You don’t need any kind of fantasy pencil, but you do need a good ruler and eraser. If you have a plastic ruler, be sure there are no nicks along the edge because you will end up with uneven or bumpy lines when you are going for a straight creation. A wooden ruler with the metal line insert should also be free of nicks and bumps. Anyways, this should be as fun as playing the game, so go ahead and see if you can draw World of Warcraft with minimal mistakes, but don’t worry if you have a few bumps along the way. Peace people and I hope you have an awesome drawing day!

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