How to Draw Alliance, Alliance, World of Warcraft

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The first step is easy because all you have to do is draw a big cross with two simple lines.


Here you will start drawing out the lion's face in a piece by piece style. First draw in the thick eye shapes and flow down to form the bridge of the nose, as well as the jowls.


Now you will begin drawing out the shapes on the inside of the lion's face. This includes the triangular shaped nose, and the bearded chin which is also the bottom jaw. Draw in another triangular shape for the bridge of the nose, and then draw a mark   


Now it's time to begin drawing out the layered style of the lion's mane. These lines should be drawn in a swift manner and then thickened when drawn in to the way you see it done here. When you are complete, move to step five.


Continue to draw out the mane like so, and to make things easier just follow the same instructions I gave you in step four.


Okay guys, cap off the lions head and then draw in the final piece below the chin. Once that is all done and you feel confident the your drawing looks awesome, you can start cleaning up the sketch to perfection.


Here is what the finished drawing looks like now that you are done. You can choose to add some color, or you can leave it as a sketched or inked drawing.

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September 7, 2011

Description: Ok guys, I have another tut to introduce to everyone! I know there's going to be a World of Warcraft movie premiering next year, and being a huge World of Warcraft fan and apart of the Alliance, I thought I'd make a tut on “how to draw Alliance Symbol from World of Warcraft”. The Alliance symbol is probably the hardest symbol to draw beside the Horde's. I have a character in the game who is currently a Night Elf Feral Druid level 84. I love druids, and it's the only reason why I play the game, because of the ability of turning cat and bird form (not really a fan of the bear's). I also love the option of shifting into a secondary talent of healing, since healing is probably the easiest role to play in the game. Very much disliking the fact they disabled the ability to stay in the form of Tree of Life, which was an epic tree that had character of an old whithered man. Sort of like the grandmother tree from Pocahontas. Anyways, I hope all you Alliance lovers and WoW players enjoy this tut. Remember, FOR THE ALLIANCE!

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