How to Draw Trolls, World of Warcraft


First things first, we have to start out with the body. Male and female trolls are different when it comes to how they stand and how their bodies are built. Females stand tall and straight and are normally thin and a little long. Males stand slouched   


Trolls also have different facial features depending on their gender. Males have big long noses while females are smaller, though still a little on the big side. Male faces are also a little more exaggerated, sharp angles and points where as females    


Even their mouths are different. Males have large tusks that come up from the bottom jaw while females are smaller and more fang-like.


Their ears are different as well. Males have these huge long ears that end in a point, sticking out far behind their heads. Females have much smaller pointed ears and are more rounded than long.


Troll hands are fairly simple. They only have two wide fingers and a rather normal sized thumb, as if they're doing the Spock hand gesture constantly.


They also only have two toes, also an easy thing to draw since you don't have a bunch of smaller digits to draw out.


Now we'll do a little practice on how to actually draw a troll. I'm going to do two frames, one male and one female, but you can feel free to do just one of them. As you can see in the example, the male on the left is slouched and the female on the r   


From there we'll draw out the details of their faces, drawing in their eyes, noses and mouths as well as outlining the actual shape of their faces.


Now we'll go ahead and work on filling in the rest of the head, drawing out the ears and other small details on the face as well as get started on the hair. On the male we can go ahead and fill all of his hair in since it's shorter, but on the female   


Now we'll draw the neck, shoulders and some of the torso and arms. We'll also draw in the rest of the hair on the female troll. Well round off the shoulders on the male, making their biceps seem skinny.


Now well move on to the rest of the torso, drawing in their stomachs and belly buttons and the details of the male's chest while we give the female a top so she's not going around naked.


From there we'll draw out the forearms of our trolls, making the male's rounded out again, giving him sort of a Popeye look to his arms.


Now for their hands. Like I told you above, their hands only have two fingers and a thumb.


From there we'll go ahead and draw their pelvic areas and their thighs. We'll make sure to put them in some bottoms again so their appropriate for viewing. You can put them in other clothing if you like, but make sure you have a light line of the bod   


Then we can draw in their calves, making sure to remember that the leg comes in before the knee then goes back out right below it before tapering in again at the ankle.


And last, their feet, remember of course that they have only two toes, other than that their feet are drawn like normal feet.


And there you have it. How to draw trolls. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it was helpful for you.

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November 26, 2011

Description: I hope you all had a great thanksgiving and I hope you're all revved up for the rest of the holiday season. I have another new tutorial for you this week, and hopefully a few more to follow shortly (short week this week at work so I should be able to get quite a bit done. I have a great tutorial on how to draw WoW style trolls and I'm hoping will be a good reference for all of you. I have tips and tricks and useful hints so get out your tools of the trade and we'll get right to it.

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