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Let's begin with some guide lines. Draw a circle for the head and a circle for the chest. Connect the two circles with a pair of curves, and now we have the neck. Add the pointed jaw. Draw in the outer arms and hands. Then draw the structure of the w   


Lighten your guides and then begin the line art. The first thing you want to draw is Deathwing's metal jaw. I don't know what the story is behind that, but it's cool Don't forget the bolt toward the ear area.


Now we'll draw the face and horn There are some metal panels covering the horn, and the horn's tip is broken off. There's a single spike growing between the eyebrows.


Draw four smaller horns toward the back of the head, getting smaller on the way down.


Now draw the neck. The outlines are jagged and will show us where to add scales later.


Here we'll draw the chest and shoulder armor. These are actually the wing shoulders and not the arm shoulders. They'll come later. Keep the lines jagged to mimic the look of scales.


For this step we'll draw both the shoulders and hands. The shoulders each have multiple scaly panels and spikes. We'll draw some spikes coming off the wrists, too.


Now we'll fill in the upper and lower parts of the front legs. Note the scale panels and huge elbow spike.


It's time to go back and start adding detail to the torso. Jagged lines on the inner neck, and triangular scales on the back. Smoother lines for the chest armor. Jagged lines on the belly.


First draw the ground. We'll have Deathwing standing atop a mountain. Then draw in what we'll see of the hind legs.


Use the guide line to draw a long, thick tail covers in spiky scales. The tip of the tail grows into a spiky weapon. Draw in the second, unbroken horn on the head.


Now draw in the wings. I'll refer you to my earlier How to Draw Wings tutorial for this one.


For those of you who are interested, you can draw another layer of fine detail really punch up the drawing. Lots of wrinkles, scales and scratches here.


The final line art. You could go nuts adding detail to this guy, but hopefully this tutorial has given you the basic details to draw this character whenever you want, or use those details in designing your own character. Thanks for viewing!

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February 2, 2012

Description: Back with another fiery character. This time it's Deathwing from WoW. I've tried to simplify the design a bit so everyone can draw it. Hope you enjoy.

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