How to Draw Jennifer Lawrence


We're going to start with outline of the face and the guidelines for the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. Use a light pencil for this, you don't want those lines visible on her face after the drawing if finished.


Now the guidelines for the hair on the right side(your right side). Start from her forehead and go down to her shoulder.


Now the other side , along with her arm and shirt.


Finally, her eyes, nose and mouth, and some details above her shirt.


In adition I drew some lines that indicate the direction in which the hair grows and flows. Do the same.


Now, we're gonna start with the eyes. Use a 2B for the and shade with the side of the pencil, not the tip. You'll have to smudge later .


Smudge and darken the eyelashes as I did.


Now make the eye shadow. Make sure you don't make it too dark so she doesn't look like a raccoon, or a panda.


Make a few light shadows around the nose, along with the dark nostrils.


As for the nose, make some light shadows on her face, and a few darker ones on the edge of it.


Smudge the shadows on the lower side of the face and make new ones on her forehead.


Make a few shadows on her lips, darkner on the upper lip, which you will have to snudge a bit later.


Shade the mouth a bit more along with the nose.


Now draw the teeth and shade a jaw a bit more. Remember to smudge whenever you shade. For the teeth use a very light pencil and don't shade on the teeth, they have to be white.


This is why smudging is important. The shadows on the neck are rough and have a rock like texture, while the ones on the face are smooth.


See the difference ? Smudge as well as you can. I used toiled paper since I didn't have any tissues and all the shops were closed. Use very smooth tissues.


Now just a few light shadows on her arm and her cleavege.


Now, following the hair growth lines, make a few darker ones. These indicate where the darker zones will be.


See, now they're darker and more spread on the hair.


Now, extend and connect the dark zones using lighter strokes .


Keep extending the hair towards the right side.


Only a few more strokes and you're done. Notice I've shaded the face a bit more. It'd hard to determine how much you have to shade the face if you have to hair.


Now draw the shirt using a 2B pencil and tissue to smudge it.


The background can be made using graphite powder , a tissue and an eraser.

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January 11, 2014

Description: Hello Dragoart! Today you'll be learning how to draw the amazing Jen Lawrence( if you want that is). As most of you know she plays Katniss Everdeen in the movie adaptation of the Hunger Games novels. Although she is best known for her role in the Hunger games, she won an oscar for the movie Silver Linings Playbook. She's also seen as a deity by the internet in general , because she's awesome ( I like her too ). I hope you find this tutorial helpful, good luck.

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