How to Draw Camo, Skylanders


Start with a round shape for the head and then draw out the odd body shape like so. You will then add the face guide and move along to step two.


Using the circle as your guide, you will start sketching out the head structure of the dragon's face. Draw in the muzzle or snout like so, and then draw in the pointed horns along the edges of the Camo's head. Next, draw some teeth and move along.


Draw the brow line in a way to show a serious expression, and then you can draw out the actual eye. Draw in the iris, and then make the nostrils, tongue, and some smaller spikes above each brow like so. Don't forget to sketch in some facial detailing   


All you have to do here is draw in the first front leg and talon like so, and make sure that the claws are sharp. Sketch in the skin detailing and proceed to step five.


Begin sketching out the other leg and talon like so, but notice how the fingers are curled inward instead of being exposed. Make some serrated edging on the elbow and then draw in the leaf like body scales.


Your drawing of Camo is coming along nicely. All you have to do here is draw in the chest, and then draw the back leg and toes. Make the marking lines for the claws, and then sketch in more leafy scales on the chest, as well as the detailing on the s   


You will now need to draw in the oversized back leg and foot like so, as well as the well defined toes and claws. Sketch in the more of the leafy scales and add detailing to them as well.


Finally, draw the back arch in the form of a long flowing spiked leafy tail. Add in all of the detailing until your back and tail looks like the one you see in this step. Clean up your drawing and that's it.


Here it is, the finished line art. Now you can start coloring in your drawing to perfect perfection.

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January 10, 2012

Description: In case some of you haven’t heard, there is a new Spyro game that was released in October of last year called Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. I’m not going to get into the game details yet because I plan on making a lesson for just the game title. Instead I will tell you that I have been getting bombarded with requests for me to make some tutorials on the characters from the game. So, after careful consideration, I will do just that. To start, how about we learn "how to draw Camo", step by step? Camo is a cool looking dragon that is said to be plant like as far as background goes. Camo is also the thirty second main playable character in the Skylanders game series. Some of the things that Camo can do is grow fruit and even vegetables that eventually explode when they grow to perfect ripeness. Like all dragons, Camo can also breathe fire and this is actually one of his attack abilities. Now because he is a miniature sized dragon, Camo is not going to be all that difficult to draw, but you will probably have some difficulty with some parts of the body when it comes time for adding details and such. Even though there will be bumps in the road, I have complete confidence that you will be able to tackle the task of drawing Camo from Skylanders. I will be back in a bit with some more exciting fun so try and stay tuned in to see what pops up on next. Peace out people!

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