How to Draw Ogres


Ok, let's get started with some guide lines. Well, shapes. Draw a big, round, triangle, egg-shape thing for the main body. Then draw two smaller shapes for the forearms. Draw a center line down the body and add some finger guides, if you wish.


Lighten your guide lines and we'll begin the simple drawing. For my style of Ogre, we want a small head on top of a large body. Draw the eyes closer to the top of the head than you would normally. This makes him look a bit... slow, shall we say?Draw    


Next we'll draw the upper arms and chest muscles. Begin with the shoulders. Keep everything soft and round, since this guy is quite chubby. You can simplify the lines of the arms quite a bit, using just a few curves to get the right look. Try to wrap   


Next draw the large belly of the Ogre. We'll have the belly button very low, so the lower belly with just split into two lumps. For this cartoony drawing, we'll use large, square shapes for the fingers. Try to make an L-shape for each finger, to give   


With the fingers drawn in, use the guide lines to draw in the forearms. Then you can draw the web between the fingers, draw the knuckles, and add fingernails.


Ok, I decided we need to draw a belly button after all. Draw a belt, partially obscured, beneath the hanging belly. Beneath that we'll draw a furry loin cloth using simply curved V shapes. One important detail is the arc of the back, drawn near the e   


Now we'll just add some very cartoony legs and feet. Start with the thighs and knees, drawn together in a single line. Then draw a chicken drumstick shape for the lower leg, and then keep everything bubbly for the feet and toes.


Now for some basic details. Even though these lines are quick and simple, they're based on actual human anatomy... so if you're not sure what you're doing, don't hesitate to look at some reference online for muscles, or check out my How to Draw Muscl   


Erase your guide lines, and you should be left with something like this. Not too bad. The proportions are very cartoony, and the hands/forearms are nuts... but you can get away with some crazy anatomy when drawing something like an Ogre. They're basi   


This is the creepy part. You can lighten the lines from Step 9 and use them as a guide for drawing a more detailed and realistic final illustration. The best advice I can give here is to look at photos of real people for reference. Body builders for    


Ok, next image! These guide lines are a little more complex than the first image. This guy's more hunched over, and his hands are out in front of him, for the most part. The body and arms are just pillow shapes and blobs. The main thing to pay attent   


Again, use your own hands for reference. You have a little room to mess around since these are cartoony fingers, but you want to make it look as realistic as possible, so be careful with the angles of the fingers.


Continue drawing in the fingers and remaining thumb. Overlapping the fingers makes them seem somewhat rounded in space, if that makes sense. Try to draw the knuckles on a curve that runs through all the fingers on each hand.


Draw the palm of his left hand. Most of the left arm is covered by the hand, but the main outline is still visible. On his right arm (our left), start your lines from the hand, and draw toward the elbow. The muscles closer to the wrist should overlap   


Draw the upper arms the same way you did for the first image. Keep it round and simple. The lines of the pectoral muscles begin in the armpit.


Looking around online, I've seen a lot of extreme Ogre designs. I doubt the original folk tales described Ogres as having lots of spikes and whatnot, but let's have fun and draw some on this guy. Draw at least one spike breaking the outline of the ba   


When somebody's stomach is this large, sometimes there's that split down the center. I like to draw it, because it makes the guy look tougher than just having a big balloon for a stomach. This makes it look like maybe there are some ab muscles hiding   


Now draw the remaining straps inbetween the first set. This makes it look like they're overlapped. Be sure to use different curves on the straps, so they're almost flapping in the wind, or just with his movement. Keep the upper legs simple, combining   


Start the feet with the big toes. Then draw the little toes getting smaller until the pinky toes. I like to add that extra arc to the small toes, rather than just drawing little sausages. This guy's barefoot all the time, so his toes are actually gri   


Finally, the head... part one! Again we're going to keep the forehead pretty small, the eyes high up... Draw a big nose hanging over the lip line. This guy's mouth is open, so we'll show him with a few teeth missing. Feel your own teeth with your ton   


Now the lower jaw. This guy's really roaring, so we're essentially looking straight down on his jaw. Start by drawing the teeth in a U-shape. Then draw in the tongue, and add the lower lip. Here we can fill in the black spaces and really show off the   


To finish up the simple drawing, we'll add some of the basic details again. Muscle fibers across the chest, some cuts, scratches and wrinkles... Draw some basic lines for the leg muscles. His thighs don't have to be super defined, but a little will l   


Erase your guides, and you should end up with something like this. Pretty ferocious. As before, you can stop here and call it a day, or you can use this as the underdrawing for a new image.


An hour or two later, this is what we've got. Well, you can outline and detail your drawing in whatever style you wish. I like this, blobby lines. What an ugly guy. Still, he's pretty fun. You should play around with the design. Change the facial det   

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December 10, 2012

Description: Hey guys. Today I'll be going over how to draw an Ogre, the mythical(?) creature. Similar to a Troll or Oni, Ogres are large, humanoid creatures with strong arms and big bellies... at least, that's how I'll be drawing them. I'll be using simple steps that everyone can follow, and I'll add detailed drawings to show where you can go from there.

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