How to Draw Toothless, How to Train Your Dragon


First start by drawing the head in the back, make the guidelines for the eyes. I used two, only because it does help with the size of the eyes. Also draw in Hiccup's hand, this can be a little annoying; hand's are a bother to draw. We don't need to w   


Now we begin adding the outlines of Toothless's eyes, ears, a portion of his wings, and the other parts of his face.


In this step all that we're gonna do is to just shade in the eyes some what lightly, and clean up the guidelines. Keep the vertical line though.


Now were going to add the scales. This is were the vertical line comes to play because it will help direct the scales. Add the scales to the upper nose, ears, and sides of his eyes.


Now we begin shading. Yay! Just gently, maybe with a 6B pencil, shade in Toothless. Make the scales darker because you may lose the outlines of his scales.


Next, we add more value into the shading. Giving his eyes more depth, and just making him look a little more 3D, instead of looking flat. Now we're done with Toothless! Yay!


Finally, we add some color into Hiccup's hand. Make sure that his shading is a lot lighter than Toothless's. Give the left side of each finger a little bit of shading. Also, with his sleeve there is some decoration on that. With a blending stump or a   

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April 25, 2012

Description: Hello everybody! I've done another Toothless tutorial only because I'm on a kick. Again I loved the movie, and this is another scene in which I enjoyed where Hiccup and Toothless first bond. Well enough about that, Enjoy and I hope you have fun with it! Oh and one more thing, sorry if the pictures seem blurry or different colors, my camera was crapping out on me, sorry if there's an inconvenience.

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