How to Draw a Wolf Howling

Artist: Nickmoble / April 28, 2012

Step 1.

Ok, so we're gonna start out with a plain circle. The best thing to draw a circle with would be a compass, if you don't have one you can use something else, like a disc.

Step 2.

Now, we're just gonna lightly sketch in the sky.

Step 3.

Next, we're gonna blend in the background. You can use anything to blend it.

Step 4.

Take the same pencil as before and roughly sketch in the background again.

Step 5.

Blend in the background again, then take what you used to blend in the sky and put that graphite onto the middle of your circle, then divide the circle into quadrants.

Step 6.

Now, we put in the dark spots of the moon.

Step 7.

Fill in the dark spots lightly. Also when you get to the bottom shade it a bit lighter on some areas.

Step 8.

Now darken up the sky, and at the same time, quadrant by quadrant fill in the dark spots on the moon along with the lighter parts. If you need more help regarding the moon go here:

Step 9.

Here's the scary step. I say that because if you screw up you'll be mad, trust me. So start with the legs and progressively move up, and BE CAREFUL, any mistake outside of the outline will cause you redo a part of the moon! Anything inside is ok, bec   

Step 10.

Now with the darkest pencil you have, possibly the same one you used to shade the sky, shade in the wolf. Make sure you don't go crazy because if you go outside the outlines, you'll have to erase it and redo that part of the moon again. Once you have   

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Artist: Nickmoble
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Description: What's up everybody? This tutorial uses finalprodigy's How to Draw the Moon tutorial (Thank you and sorry Prod!), and I'll put a link where it's necessary. When I was trying to come up with ideas I was looking around online and got frustrated until I closed my browser and saw my background, thought it was pretty cool and I hope you all think it is too! Enjoy!