How to Draw Chibi Haku, Spirited Away

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Begin your first step by drawing some shapes and one single guideline for the body's like of motion.


Up next, begin drawing out the actual shape of Haku's head which should be drawn in a boxy like style. The horns and ear should look like they are part of the head instead of separate pieces. Draw in the long whisker, then move along to step three.


The next thing you will do is draw out the shape of the neck, then draw the worm like pose of Haku's body. Draw in the front leg, then the paws or talons.


Continue to draw out chibi Haku's body until it's completely finished. Once that is done you will need to add some detailing to the tail, top of the back foot, as well as on the ankles. Don't forget to draw the toes in too.


Lastly, all you have to do is sketch in the hair doing down the head and back. When you are done with that you will need to draw in the marking line on the belly and chest. Next, sketch in the crease detailing on the front part of the talons. When th   


Now that you are all done drawing chibi Haku, you are ready to color him in. I know you had fun with this lesson because I had a lot of fun making it.

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April 28, 2012

Description: I couldn't do a lesson on chibi Chihiro without making a tutorial on her close friend Haku. I decided that I would make "how to draw chibi Haku", step by step, but I would make this tutorial as he looks in dragon form. Haku is Chihiro's friend that helps her get out of the spirit world. I absolutely love the way that this drawing came out and I am really excited to be submitting it to the site. I know there are so many Spirited Away fans which is why I know that this submission will be popular. As you can see Haku in dragon form takes the shape of a traditional looking Chinese style dragon. Of course there are also Japanese dragons that hold this very same form, but as far as I know, Haku is a Chinese dragon. The soft light mint colored body and dark mint colored hair that flows down the head and back makes an awesome color combination. I want to remind you guys that you can choose to request any chibi figure you think would make a great addition to the chibi category section. I love drawing Spirited Away characters so feel free to request more of them if you want. In the meantime, enjoy drawing chibi Haku as I'm sure you will.

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