How to draw snakedragon step by step


Begin by sketching the head of the dragon. Eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks and ears. In doing so, in the order you get an integrated picture of how the head should look like and how big your drawing is going to be. When you are finished with the sketch   


Now you come to the neck, the easy part! Make two parallel arcs from the head to the left ear. You will now see the head and neck put together into one pice. Colour shades and go on to the next step!


Now that you have finished the head and neck, we move further away on the sheet. It is now we get to the left arm and wing. Let's take it slow so that you get with all the details. Begin making arm. It has four fingers and a thumb. The thumb, you   


You're still in with the left wing, but now you color nuances. This can be quite difficult, but try as best you can. When I drew this dragon, I used hair spray. This is so that the pencil lines will not be dragged over the rest of the paper, and d   


Let's continue on the right wing. Do exactly the same as you did on the left wing. Make a thumb and four fingers. Line up four lines from one finger to another. Colour shades and voila you're done.


Now you have come so far that you start on the body and tail of the dragon. Make two parallel lines in a curved shape, this will be the body. Color shades on the body. Continue with the left wing and drawing on three wing bones. signs as two curv   


Color shades from the previous step, and start on the tail!


Now start on the last part of the dragon. Use your eyes to put the tail in the right place, so it is not too far up or down from the tail head on right of the dragon. You can use anything you want on the tip of the dragon's tail, just use your im   

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April 15, 2012

Description: You should try your hand at this snake dragon step by step. This is the picture that shows how the dragon looks like. Good luck!

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