How to Draw a Dragon Tribal, Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / May 27, 2012

Step 1.

You will start the first step by making a small circle for the head and then draw a long slithering line for the body.

Step 2.

Begin sketching out the design of the dragon's head and or face in a side profile. This should include the horns, frills, eye, nostril hole, mouth, flaring tongue, and even some teeth.

Step 3.

Slowly draw out the tribal pattern as you make the shape and style of the neck as well as the two clawed feet and legs. Draw in the dragon wing like so, and notice there are spaced notches along the edging of the neck and back design.

Step 4.

Draw in a slithering tribal mark starting from under the dragon's eye, flowing down the back, to the tail. In the process you will also need to draw out the hind leg and sharp, blade like tail. Clean up the mistakes you made by erasing the messed up    

Step 5.

Once everything is cleaned up, you can start inking in your drawing using a Sharpie, or any other coloring tool.

Step 6.

If you used a black marker, your tribal dragon should come out looking like the one you see before you now.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 27, 2012
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Description: You all seen this dragon drawing as I made a video of me sketching it out and then inking it in using a black Sharpie marker. The reason why I decided to turn this drawing into a tutorial, is because a few people asked me if I could make it into one. So here is how to draw a dragon tribal, or a tribal dragon. The design of the dragon itself is pretty simple. I wanted to keep the tribal pattern as easy as possible because I know there are a lot of people that come to Dragoart that love dragons and all kinds of dragon related stuff. There isn't too many spaces in this tribal design which also makes the tutorial easy to follow, and the dragon simple to replicate. So here it is, a lesson on drawing another tribal dragon. I hope you enjoy this tut, I will return with more fun just for you all. Adios mi amigos, or in English terms, peace out!