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How to Draw Chibisuke, Dragon Drive

Artist: Dawn / May 25, 2012
How to Draw Chibisuke, Dragon Drive

Step 1.

Start off the first step by making a circle shape for the head then sketch in the one facial guideline.

Step 2.

Next, start forming the actual structure of Chibisuke's head and face starting at the top of the head. Draw in the large ears, then draw the frills on the sides of the face as you also sketch out the lower portion of the face which is the jawline and   

Step 3.

Draw two large eyes, then add the simple shaped nose. You will also need to draw in some minor detailing around the eyes then make two light slits for around the mouth area.

Step 4.

Now that the head and face is all drawn out, you can tackle the next task which is drawing the body. Start by making the arms which is in a spread out pose. The hands are capped with some finger spikes that are also the nails or claws. Next, draw the   

Step 5.

Now all you have to do is draw the two lumps to form the thighs then incorporate the feet. Top the feet off with some clawed toes, then you are all set to proceed on.

Step 6.

Lastly, you will draw in the frill like wings then draw Chibisuke's long thick dragon tail. Erase the mistakes that you may have made along the way before leaving this step.

Step 7.

That's it, you are now all done with drawing Chibisuke. I hope you had fun, now you can color him in.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 25, 2012
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Tags: how to draw dragon drive, how to draw dragon drive characters
Description: So there is an anime and manga called 'Dragon Drive' and recently I was asked to make a tutorial on "how to draw Chibisuke", step by step. Now because I don't really know a whole lot about Dragon Drive, I had to go poking around to see what and who Chibisuke is. I found out that Chibisuke is some sort of light elemental who also happens to be the partner to Reiji. You may think that this small white chibi sized dragon doesn't add up to most dragons you have seen in the past, but in the manga, Chibisuke happens to be THE most powerful dragon when he is in his true form 'Senkoukura'. Like all anime or manga based beasts, Chibisuke has a signature attack which is used when necessary and that is 'lightning wave' which is basically almost an apocalyptic blast of energy. Reiji is responsible for naming Senkokura Chibisuke, and if you read the manga you should already know that the reason why Reiji named him that is because he used to have a white dog named Chibi. Anyways, even though there is much more complex characters to recreate, this one was fun to do. I had a blast drawing Chibisuke because after all it is a dragon of some sorts. I hope you enjoy this, and all of the tuts I will submit today. Have fun and peace out my fellow peeps!