How to Draw a Flying Dragon, Dragon in Flight


Let's get started shall we? Start with a small head shape then draw an oval shape for the dragon's body. Connect the two with a curved neck line.


Okay guys, here you will draw out the head and snout for the dragon. Notice how the dragon's mouth resembles that of the Charizard you just drew. Draw a small horn at the tip of the nose, then make the horn, and points on the chin. Take your time and   


Draw in the dragon's other horn, then make the other side of the mouth lining which is the stretched tissue from the mouth being in a screaming or roaring pose. The next thing you will do is draw out the tongue as well as the eye and some of the teet   


Now that we have the head and face of the dragon drawn in, we can get started on the dragon's neck. Make sure the neck curves to flow with the pose of the head. Continue working on drawing out the body by making the lining for the back and shoulders.   


Since the dragon is flying, you will not be focusing on drawing the muscular definition. Instead the dragons legs are relaxed which makes them easier to draw. Start this step by drawing the rest of the belly, then draw the back legs and feet. The bac   


You are almost done guys. All you have to do here is start the drawing process for the arm of the wing. Make sure that there is plenty of muscle detailing and definition with the wing arms because these wings will be holding up the entire dragon. Dra   


We will now finally finish this dragon by finishing off the wing. You will only need to draw in the skin based wing. Be sure to add the tunnel like markings or tissue separation lines. Draw more frills down the tail, then draw a hint of the other win   


I bet you did an awesome job with recreating a flying dragon. If you didn't do as well as you'd like, just start from scratch all over again. The only good type of practice is the kind that takes time.

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June 5, 2012

Description: I told you guys that I had something up my sleeve that was going to be ultra fun to tackle as well as a challenging tutorial to try. Everyone loves dragons so why not upload a tutorial on "how to draw a flying dragon", step by step. I have drawn and made so many different dragon tuts that to me, making more just seemed to be so boring. I was in the mood to fill a few requests for a new dragon that was drawn as it would look in flight. Since I haven't really uploaded any dragon tuts, I thought making a new one would be well liked as well as appreciated. Not everyone likes to make lessons based on dragons and I think it's because there is just so many different parts to a dragon, turning a sketch into a tutorial can get overwhelming. That is why I had to make sure that I had enough time to finally fill a need, or want. So here is my version of what a dragon would look like as it's flying through the night skies. I had a lot of fun making this lesson because it brought me back to my days of loving to draw dragons of all kinds. Well, I have two more submissions coming your way so try and stay tuned in. Peace out folks and enjoy like always!

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