How to Draw Tiago From Rio 2

Artist: Dawn / December 14, 2013

Step 1.

Make the head and body shape for Tiago. You will then add the facial guideline.

Step 2.

Draw the hook like shape for the bill or beak, then sketch out the shape of Tiago's head and some of the neck.

Step 3.

Next, add the marking line to separate the beak from the face, then draw the bottom mandible. You will also need to add the nose hole, then draw in the shape of the eye which is in a half closed pose.

Step 4.

It's time to sketch in the feathers that run down Tiago's head. When you draw the feathers they end up looking like a fan.

Step 5.

Sketch out the small bird body which is the neck, chest, stomach, and thighs.

Step 6.

Draw in one of Tiago's wings. As you can see his wing is resting on his hip or side.

Step 7.

The other wing is extended or fanning out. Draw the wing the way you see it done here and remember to sketch out the shape of the wing in a fan like shape.

Step 8.

You are almost done folks. Once you draw out the tail feathers, all you will need to do next is sketch in his legs and feet.

Step 9.

Like I said, all you have to do is draw in Tiago's feet and nails. Erase the mistakes and guidelines that you made along the way.

Step 10.

The line art for Blu's son should come out looking like the work you see here. All that is left to do is adding some color. Great work people.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Did you hear the news? There is going to be a Rio 2 coming out in April of 2014. I will be uploading some characters (actually the kids) from the movie. We will start with "how to draw Tiago", step by step. Tiago is the youngest of the three children from Blu and Jewel as well as the only boy. He is spunky like his mama, but has the looks of his dad. Drawing Tiago should be a super fun experience because Rio was such an awesome movie. I laughed my behind off in the theater and so did my little sister. Anyways, have fun folks and be sure to stay tuned in to meet Blu's other two kids. Peace out amigos.