How to Draw Gabi From Rio 2


Begin by drawing an oblong shaped head, then draw the outline for the body. Draw in the limb guides as well.


You can start by defining the shape of Gabi's head. This should include those arches for the eyes.


Here we will draw out the lining for her mouth, then draw in the shapes of the eyeballs.


Next, draw the iris'a and color in the pupils. Draw the marking lines along the outside of Gabi's mouth. You will also draw the inner mouth lining as well as the markings on the forehead.


So Gabi's head and face is all drawn in. You will now draw the body, then draw the lining to start forming the thighs and or legs.


Here we will finish drawing Gabi's legs and then we will move forward to draw in the toes for her feet.


Almost done gang. All we need to do here is draw out Gabi's arms and hands like so, then move to step eight.


You are basically finished. All you have to do is erase the guidelines and mistakes, then draw in the marking lines along the back, arms, and legs.


You did it! You finished this lesson on drawing Gabi from Rio 2. All you have to do now is color her in.

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December 16, 2013

Description: Despite what this character looks like from Rio 2, she is actually on the bad guys team. Up next we will learn "how to draw Gabi from Rio 2", step by step. Gabi actually teams up with the bad guys because she too wants revenge against Blu and Jewel but I don't know why. When I say bad guys, I'm basically talking about Nigel. You see, this little pink and purple poisonous dart frog has a big time crush on Nigel. Drawing Gabi should be rather fun for you all because I enjoyed recreating her in tutorial form.

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