How to Draw Carla From Rio 2


Start by making the shapes for the head and body like so. You will sketch the facial guidelines, then draw the wig guides.


As you can see all you will have to do is draw the puffy cheeks, then draw in the shape or outline of the beak.


Sketch out the top half of the head and add a crown of feathers that lines the head. Draw the shapes of her big eyes like so, then proceed to step four.


Finish drawing Carla's eyes like so, then draw in the beak opening. Add the nose hole ad some definition around the eyes.


Draw the large round belly, then sketch in the thighs. When you are done with that you can proceed to step six.


As you can see you will draw out the full outline of Carla's wings. The feathers are spread out and open instead of clinging to one another.


Now what we will do is sketch in the detailing to the wings. This involves some small feathers being drawn in on the inside of the wings.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw out the long tail feathers, then draw the feet or talons. Erase those mistakes and then you are ready to get rid of the guidelines as well.


Here is the line art for Carla. Now you can color her in and be on your way to tackling something new.

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December 14, 2013

Description: Are you ready to draw another tutorial of the offspring from Blu and Jewel? Up next we will learn "how to draw Carla from Rio 2", step by step. Carla is a very outgoing chubby girl that loves life and has a lot of goals. As you can see from the drawing Carla is a very cheery girl that loves it when there is music playing. Drawing Carla should be a blast. I hope you have fun, and I will be back in a bit with other lessons that you are sure to love. Oh, btw this is the last character from Rio 2 that I will upload today.

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