How to Draw the Sorcerer, 9th Grade Ninja

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You will begin with an acorn shape like so, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Sketch out the shape of the face, then draw out a large triangular shape for the entire mid section of the face. This is where we will be drawing out the mouth in step three.


Use the facial guides to draw out the eyes, puffy bags on the eyes in the form of the top and bottom eyelids, then draw in the nose, nostrils and some of the wrinkles around the forehead, under the eyes and around the nose. You will then draw a big e   


Draw in his nasty teeth which should be long, square, and uneven. These teeth look a lot like Jafar's teeth when he was dressed up as that old prisoner in Aladdin.


Lastly, draw out the diamond shaped hood that frames out the whole face and head, then draw the length of the cloth or cloak like so. Add material detailing, then start erasing your mistakes.


Here is The Sorcerer when you are done. Color him in to make him look like his nasty self.

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September 21, 2012

Description: Of course every animated cartoon series has to have a villain or there wouldn't be any tension, excitement, or laughs to go with the plot. Today I will be uploading more characters from 9th Grade Ninja. If you haven't already you can catch the series on Disney XD. I hear tell that it's pretty good and even funny. Next, we will be drawing the “bad guy” of the series, and his name is The Sorcerer. Needless to say we will be learning "how to draw The Sorcerer", step by step. He is a nasty green colored man that has been in slumber for the past 800 years. His main goal is to destroy the ninja and take over anything that comes in site. When I say that he has been in a slumber, I mean that he has been sitting or rotting in a hole for that many years. Of course he is still locked up, but if he can just create enough of a chaotic mess, there may be a chance that he can break free. He sort of reminds me of Rasputin from the animated movie “Anastasia”, but then again I could be wrong. Well, that's about all I can say since the character creation is still brand new. Have fun drawing The Sorcerer, and I will get busy with uploading more drawing fun. Peace out people!

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