How to Draw Randy Cunningham, 9th Grade Ninja

Artist: Dawn / September 18, 2012

Step 1.

Here is just a quick lesson of Randy dressed in his ninja suit. Start with the shape of a guitar pick then sketch in the facial guideline. When you are done with that draw out the actual structure of the head including the face. This should include t   

Step 2.

Now let's draw Randy as he is seen without his ninja mask. Start with the shape of a balloon, then draw the facial guideline as well as the torso guide.

Step 3.

Draw out the squared shape for the lower part of his face which is his chin and jaw line, then draw out the eyes and expressive eyebrows like so.

Step 4.

Draw the shape of his ear which should be done with some angles. Draw in the hairline that frames his face, and be sure to draw in his bangs nice and sharp. Color in the pupils, draw the nose and simple mouth line.

Step 5.

You are almost done folks. Draw out the rest of his hairstyle which is high, wild and sharp.

Step 6.

Now that the head and face is done, we can start tackling the body. Draw the neck, torso, and then his jacket. Also, you will need to draw in his arm which is really thin.

Step 7.

For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw the other side of his jacket, as well as his arm, jacket hood, then draw in the shirt collar and trim. Erase your mistakes so you have a clean image to color in.

Step 8.

Here is randy the 9th Grade ninja when you are all done. Color him in and that's it. I hope you had fun.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Aloha everyone welcome back to another fun filled lesson here on Today I will start by uploading a new character from an animated series that aired on Disney XD two days ago. It's called Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. I will be showing you "how to draw Randy Cunningham", step by step. Now because this is a new show there is little information on the characters. The series follows a boy named Randy, and his new responsibility of protecting a town that has been guarded by a ninja for eight hundred years. Now as you know it would be every kids dream to become a ninja, but for Randy, he is totally depressed that the burden is passed onto him. So the series I guess follows Randy and his friends and his battle with becoming the new ninja of Norrisville. All Randy has to do is read the โ€œmanualโ€ called The Ninjanomicon to figure out how he is supposed to use his new suit. If you managed to catch the first episode yesterday and you like what you saw, you should also like this lesson on drawing Randy. I will return so stay tuned in. Adios people!