How to Draw Howard, Howard From 9th Grade Ninja

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To start we will need to draw a circle for Howard's melon or head like so. Next, sketch in the facial guidelines.


Begin sketching out the shape of Howard's face shape which should be round and chubby. You will need to incorporate the outline of the ears, then draw in the hairline as well as the square eyebrows.


Finish drawing Howard's hairdo which is long and combed back but seems to have a few free pointed pieces. Next, draw the shapes of his eyes, color in the pupils, then draw the sharp nose, smile, and chin dimple.


You will begin the process of drawing out his big round belly followed by the open style button up shirt. Draw in the collar then move along to step five.


What you will do here is draw out the arms, sleeves, and shoulders to make up Howard's torso. Of course you will be making more detailing in the next steps.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the other arm, detail the sleeves and shoulders, then draw the octopus like creature on his graphic t-shirt. Erase the mistakes then you are all done.


Here is Howard when you are all done. Now you can color him in and be on your way to another fun lesson.

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September 20, 2012

Description: You know that new cartoon series on Disney XD called Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja? Well, I thought I would upload a series of characters from the show because I have a feeling that it might be a big hit, and if it is, I will be bombarded with requests for me to make various characters from the series. So let me start with this lesson on "how to draw Howard Weinerman", step by step. Of course everyone just calls him Howard, but I thought you would want to know his last name as well. Anyways, Howard is Randy's best friend. Not only does Howard do anything for Randy, he is also a humungous fan of the ninja. When he finds out that Randy is the new ninja guardian, he goes absolutely bananas. I like his goofy look and his aloof personality. Even though I have seen a ton of characters that look like Howard, he was still entertaining to draw. With all that said, if you like the series on Disney XD called 9th Grade Ninja, you will enjoy drawing Howard as well. Adios people and be sure to lock your doors because there is a ninja that is loose.

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