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how to draw steve minecraft

Artist: whenwolveshowl / July 17, 2012
how to draw steve minecraft

Step 1.

start by drawing a box for a head and a long line from just a bit from the head on both sides

Step 2.

now lets make the shoulders a bit 3d looking and the head a bit more 3d aswel

Step 3.

lets draw done the body for the body just draw a rectangle

Step 4.

now elts make those arms and add a line to devide the body from the ends of the arms

Step 5.

now lets do the hair that is really simple

Step 6.

now for the feet that is really simple and fro the arms to have sleves just add a line in the arms and just do some squares for the little pocket like thing coming from the shirt

Step 7.

now lets make the legs 3d and add the two pants rectangle things in

Step 8.

now add the face this is really simple

Step 9.

finished simple as that

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Meoklol · 1 year ago
Jello steve!
Artist: whenwolveshowl
Date Added: July 17, 2012
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Description: hello artists, what you up to. well today i put up this tut and i hope it gets popular well it is on minecraft......love it if you love it ... favourite it if it is your favorite and comment on what i should do next. assassins creed more minecraft ice age dragons or other comment your thoughts in the comment section and justice out