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How to Draw Niall Horan of One Direction

Artist: amba13 / August 8, 2012
How to Draw Niall Horan of One Direction

Step 1.

draw the general outline of the face, neck, and shoulders

Step 2.

draw in the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Step 3.

draw the pupils of the eyes, the lips, and the outline of the hair and ears

Step 4.

draw in eyebrows and shade in the shown areas: eyes, around eyes, nose, mouth, jawline/edges of face

Step 5.

blend everything neatly with a papertowel, blending stub, etc. draw in the shadow and blend that too. also add in the neck lines and shade and blend it.

Step 6.

start drawing the hair in like so...

Step 7.

shade in the ears and finish the hair

Step 8.

blend the hair and and highlights/streaks with your eraser. color in the shirt and blend it.

Step 9.

fix areas your not happy with, add eyelashes, and sign your piece! Enjoy:)

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Artist: amba13
Date Added: August 8, 2012
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Description: Niall Horan is a beautiful person :)