how to draw standeredbred pinto,red dead redemption

Artist: whenwolveshowl / May 25, 2012

Step 1.

ok 3b pencils everyone well if you dont have them then just use 2b

Step 2.

ok start with 2 circles

Step 3.

ok now draw 2 lines connecting the circles

Step 4.

ok now for leg structure! ok lets go with the top half of the legs

Step 5.

ok now the rest oif the legs and the top of've the other back leg

Step 6.

ok now for the hooves and finish the other back leg

Step 7.

now for neckk and head ok the head is easy just look at it and you should be able to draw it connect the neck to head the neck is just to simple lines with a curve

Step 8.

ok now for ears, mane,tail , and some details aswel to legs and face i also used a 8b for the mane and tail and used paper towel to blend it

Step 9.

ok now for the spot outline

Step 10.

ok now for this you need an 4b for the legs and an 6b for the spots and use an blending stump or paper towel

Step 11.

and there you have it a tobiano pinto

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Artist: whenwolveshowl
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Description: red dead redemption that lovely wild west ah and now for my first tut on the standeredbred pinto off the game. enjoy