How to Draw Night Rikuo Nura from Nurarihyon No Mago


This is the basic skeleton I started out with. Draw this very lightly because, of course, you're going to erase most of this later. I changed the lengths of the arms very slightly a few steps onward as well. Note that his left shoulder is angled slig   


In red is the outline of his shirt. Just so you know, he's wearing multiple layers (that I'll draw in later), but this is the collar of the innermost shirt with the large sleeves of the jacket. When you draw it in, make sure you keep in mind where th   


Here, I drew the pants. These are pretty simple. They're just really baggy pants (the traditional Japanese garb, you know). Again, remember the folds and wrinkles, especially around the knees and at the bottom. Also, I elaborated a little more on the   


Okay, this is where I added in the rest of the layers of his clothing. I colored the different layers so that you know how it all goes on. The orange shirt is the undershirt which starts at that original collar you made earlier and is long-sleeved al   


After all of that, he also wears a cape sort of thing which I just draped over the shoulders. Again, remember the folds and wrinkles around the shoulders, and notice that it's flowing off to the side. Also, I finished off his shoes which are just the   


This step focuses on his sword, Nenekirimaru (though I also higlighted the hands, which I'll show more closely in the next steps). It's not too hard, really just a slightly curved line with a rectangle for the hilt. Note: I also lengthened this later   


This is one of the hardest parts for me personally: the hands. Here's the hand holding the sword. It's holding it only lightly, and the fingers hardly curve around it. Notice the outline of the hand; It goes out wide at the knuckles, but the fingers    


Here's the other hand. The palm is facing toward you. Remeber to put in the line extending from the pinky that continues almost all the way to the wrist as well as the line from the thumb, since this is what makes it look like it's facing you as oppo   


Now, the face. This is where you have to be careful or you'll end up making it look like someone else entirely instead of Rikuo. I drew a simple guideline for the bottoms of the eyes. The nose is merely a small curve, barely noticeable. The mouth, to   


Rikuo's hair is... big, to say the least. And it really does stick out to the side like that; it's not just wind or whatever (he is a spirit, though; he looks more normal than a lot of them). There are two layers to it. The main layer is in red. It f   


Here are the final details. Just make the design on the sleeves and collar of the jacket, there's also a thin line of trim on the cape. And on his hair, he has some strange little, curvy designs on the edge. Well, that's it! Hope you did well. Again   

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July 24, 2012

Description: My first tutorial! Yay! Thanks to animefreak2012 for asking for a tutorial from me and giving me the motivation to do this. Anyway, this is my current, favorite character ever, Rikuo Nura from the manga/anime Nurarihyon No Mago. Just a little background on him if you don't know who he is. He's three quarters human but a quarter yokai (spirits from Japanese mythology). This is his yokai form (which I should add is WAY different than his human form which looks like your average, adorable 12-year-old). Rikuo's the grandson of Nurarihyon, the leader of all spirits and is supposed to succeed him as the Third Supreme Commander of the Nura Clan some day. Basically this kid kicks butt. He's amazing. If you haven't read this manga (or seen the show), I suggest you check it out. It's pretty cool. Some notes on this tutorial: you might want to have a good eraser with you, and please excuse the tutorial's messiness. This was somwhat difficult for me considering I have a very unmethodical way of drawing, so I had to sort it out a bit along the way. Hope you like it!

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