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How to Draw Connor, Connor Kenway From Assassins Creed

Artist: Dawn / July 18, 2012
How to Draw Connor, Connor Kenway From Assassins Creed

Step 1.

Make an oblong shape for the head, then sketch in the facial guide as well as the neck line.

Step 2.

You will begin drawing the hood which covers Connor's head. This will also shape out the head too. make sure the hood comes into a point which will look like it's resting on the bridge of the nose. Extend the hood to the top part of the shoulders too   

Step 3.

Here you will draw in the detailing to the hood's design, as well as the symbol right in the lower center of the hood. Sketch out the structure of Connor's face like so, then draw in the mouth, nose and cheeks.

Step 4.

Proceed to draw the torso which will be in the form of his attire that he wears. It's better to start with the shoulders first, then work your way to the center of the character. Draw the belt or straps that are crisscross on his chest, then add the    

Step 5.

You are almost done folks. All you have to do is draw the rest of his torso which is shaped like a cobra. Draw in the loose fabric on the arms, then add the shape of the bow design. You will also need to draw in the definition and detail too on the c   

Step 6.

For your last step, just draw in the arrows, the band for the bow, then all the detailing on the clothes and bands. Make sure to add the buttons and crinkles to complete Connor off. Erase the mistakes to clean up the sketch before you go.

Step 7.

Here is Connor when you are all done. Now you can color him in to perfection to really finish off your drawing.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 18, 2012
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Description: Here is another face that is in the new Assassins Creed III. His real name is Ratonhnhaké:ton, but for short he goes by Connor Kenway. Today I will be giving you a lesson on "how to draw Connor Kenway", step by step. He is another mercenary assassin that makes it his goal to seek out justice against tyrants and tyranny on his people. He was born to both British and native American bloodlines which makes Connor one hell of a warrior. Even though his people was subjected to a European invasion, later in his life he joined the American Revolutionary War which was lead by people like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. He believes strongly in freedom, and all the ideals that both Washington and Franklin stood for. He looks a lot like the other assassins in the game, but there is little differences with Connor. One of the things that he can do is climb trees and swing from branch to branch with agility that only primates have. He is has amazing skill with his weapons like the tomahawk, bow, flintlock, and even his darts, rifle and pistol. If you want more information or references on this AC3 character, this site has it all on Connor Kenway. No matter how you look at it this is one cool addition to the Assassin Creed series. He was a pleasure to recreate, so I know that you fans out there will enjoy drawing Connor Kenway as well. Have fun people and remember to leave comments, ratings, or both. Adios and peace out!