how to draw shira, ice age 4

Artist: whenwolveshowl / July 16, 2012

Step 1.

lets draw 2 circles for the body. make the left circle bigger than the right

Step 2.

join the circles with 2 lines

Step 3.

lets add the head draw a cricle slightly above the body

Step 4.

ok lines for legs

Step 5.

front legs and lines for back legs, lets add some detail to front legs and a few lines for the back legs

Step 6.

now lets add the other lines to complete main structure of legs and add claws to front paws

Step 7.

lets do the head ok add ears and eyes and nose and small detail

Step 8.

lets add some more detail ok small stripes on head and some more detail

Step 9.

add the stripes to the body and finish the legs

Step 10.

and here is shira all done do comment if u see this tut and do check out my artwork and other tuts

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Artist: whenwolveshowl
Date Added: July 16, 2012
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Tags: how to draw, how to draw ice age characters
Description: this is my third tut and today it is on shira from ice age 4, the saber tooth pirate who is my one of my fav characters from ice age 4