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How to Draw Zayn Malik

Artist: amba13 / August 6, 2012
How to Draw Zayn Malik

Step 1.

well of course the first step is going to be draw a rough outline of the face

Step 2.

Next make the major features of the face

Step 3.

Next define the features, draw in the hairline, add ears, eyebrows, lips, and pupils

Step 4.

next shade in the shown areas; lips, nose, nostrils, eyes, around eyes, edges of face, under bottom lip, and lightly on forehead. add line on the side of the mouth and the ones under the eyes.

Step 5.

BLEND EVERYTHING NEATLY (i use paper towel to blend) also shade a new 'T' shape under the nose and above the mouth to make the cupids bow.(dont shade that yet)

Step 6.

shade a triangular area on either side of the 'T' and roughly shade the ears

Step 7.

shade the cupids bow and the ears. now start on the hair.

Step 8.

more hair...

Step 9.

Blend the hair then use your eraser to add highlights and go back in and darken some areas. then sketch his clothes and neck.

Step 10.

roughly shade in his neck and clothing...

Step 11.

blend the clothes and neck. add a highlight the the eyes and eyelashes. sign your piece and enjoy!:)

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Artist: amba13
Date Added: August 6, 2012
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Tags: how to draw
Description: How to draw Zayn Malik from One Direction