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Ok, to start this sucker off, let's draw a basic body using large, round shapes. Draw a larger circle for the chest, and a small one for the head. Draw a diamond shape for the pelvis, and then draw an oval for both the upper and lower arms, and the u   


Now on to the line art. Start by drawing a V for the eyebrows, and then complete the forehead shape. Draw triangles for the eye sockets. Soundwave has very pronounced cheekbones, and a pointy chin. Draw in the round outline of his "earmuff."


Next draw in the antennae on either side of his head. There are two sets of these, and another similar shape defines the side of the head. Close in the circle of the earmuff.


Now we'll move on to the chest area. On either side of the upper chest, draw a V-shape with sharp angles. Between those shapes and a bit lower, draw a thicker V-shape. Try to give this shape a blockier look.


Next draw another V-shape with the point connecting in the top center of the previous shape. This is a simple and skinny V-shape, and basically represents the collar bones. Inside the lower chest shape, draw a diamond shape on either side, and a shap   


Draw an armor panel for the stomach section, and a narrower diamond-shape for the crotch plate beneath that. Then move up and use a diamond-shape to form the neck.


On either side of the chest, draw a circle for Soundwave's speakers. From this angle, the circle on the right will be a bit squashed from side to side. On the stomach, draw two M-shapes overlapping the armor panel.


Now close up the outline of the torso, and add rectangular shapes to indicate some "ribs."


The legs are full of overlapping shapes, so it's best to start from the feet and work our way upwards. Each foot has two blocky toes in the center, and two smaller toes on the outer sides. Connect these shapes to outline the front of the foot.


For the shins, we want to draw four distorted rectangle shapes on each leg. These metal panels bend outward and then back in again. The darker shape is a gap between the panels, but a small V-shape rest on top of this. Use small curves to connect the   


The kneecaps are basically diamond-shapes, but each knee is straddled with a pair of spikes like elephant tusks. The inner spike bends back once (the V-shape), and then once again toward itself (the diamond-shape).


Each thigh has a large, blocky panel wrapped around the front (from this angle, the middle and the other edges). These extend from the hip to just above the knees. Smaller V-shapes rest on the inner thighs.


Move back to the feet, and draw a V- or Y-shape for the heels. To simplify the detail of the leg, we're going to alternate between drawing blocky shapes and jagged shapes up the length of each leg. The curves in these shapes follow the guide lines. E   


Moving now to the arms, let's start by laying down Soundwave's arm-speakers. These would be very cool for some sort of sonic attack, but I don't recall him doing anything like that in the movie. Although he had more screen time than in Revenge of the   


Beneath the circle and ellipse shapes, we'll draw ovals for the forearms, with jagged edges at the wrists. Lay in a few lines to indicate different panels.


Draw a smaller pair of circles on each wrist. I'm not sure what these are, but I'll pretend they're mini-speakers. From there, draw in the basic shape of the hands and fingers.


The upper arms consist mainly of jagged panels and a few curves. The big panels are chunks of the car he transforms into, but the upper edge resembles a spike shape from this angle.


Here we need to draw in the tires and hubcap patterns behind Soundwave's head and shoulders.


Now we can move on to the smaller details of the character. We'll start with the face. Draw in the cheekbone, and the sharp teeth of the lower jaw. Then add the front of the forehead crest.


Fill in the panel line, the upper jaw, and the details of the eyes. Then add some detail to the neck area.


Here we'll tackle the panel lines for the upper body. On the larger panels, these lines indicate bends in the metal. On the forearms, we'll use these lines to indicate smaller parts. There are round shapes in the center of the chest and crotch plates   


There's a tail light on the upper part of each thigh. After drawing this, add lines to show the bends in the metal panels. Add some tetris-like shapes in the blank parts of the leg to indicate layered parts. Draw a small light on each kneecap. Then d   


Use concentric circles to add definition to the speaker shapes.


Now to make sense of all these shapes... We're leaving all the "front" shapes alone and filling in the background areas with black (or in this case, red).


...and that's basically it. This is a very simplified version of the Soundwave movie design. All of those robots are extremely complex, but I think we've represented the character pretty well here.


As always, adding finer details can help bring a drawing to life. Here I've added a lot of dust and scratches, some alien markings, multiple mini-eyeballs, and some tech patterns here and there. I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I think I'm ne   

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August 9, 2011

Description: Hey guys, it's time for more Transformers tutorials. This time we're going to draw Soundwave from Dark of the Moon. He had a larger role in this film than in the previous one, and we finally got to see his robot mode. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the tutorial. Let's get to drawing.

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