How to Draw Baraka, Mortal Kombat, Baraka

Artist: KingTutorial / July 15, 2011

Step 1.

Ok, first we're going to lay down the base guide lines for our drawing. I wanted a simple but dynamic pose, so the legs are spread wide, the back is slightly arched, and the elbows are pulled in toward his sides.

Step 2.

We'll start the line art by outlining the shape of the head and ear. Baraka's head is a bit longer and pointier than a normal head. Be sure to draw pronounced eyebrows and cheekbones here.

Step 3.

Now we'll fill in the eyes, nose and mouth. With the raised eyebrows, pointy nose and huge, open-mouth smile, he almost looks like the Joker or Green Goblin here (the original designs, that is).

Step 4.

To finish up the head, first we'll add his huge, sharp teeth and fill the mouth in with black. Then we'll add wrinkles around the eyes, nose and mouth, and indicate some bulging muscles and shapes on his bald head. Fill in the ear detail and we can m   

Step 5.

Moving on to the body, start by drawing the neck, and then draw the collar and shoulder panels of Baraka's Gi (shirt). The V-neck goes down to the middle of the chest, so we'll be able to see some of his chest muscles later on.

Step 6.

Outline the belt and buckle, and then complete the seam and sides of the Gi. Try to indicate the shape of his torso and muscles underneath the fabric.

Step 7.

Here we'll draw the loin cloth. It's a simple, rectangular shape with another rectangle inside. There's a pattern of triangles at the bottom edge. I decided to add some wearing at the bottom of the fabric.

Step 8.

To make drawing the legs easier in the long run, let's start by drawing the foremost shape. In this case, it's the shin guards. Draw a diamond shape for each kneecap. Then use long curves to create a balloon-like shape down to the ankle. Mimic those    

Step 9.

Here we want to draw the leg behind the armor. First draw the straps that wrap around the leg and hold the shin guards in place. Then use jagged lines and curves to fill in the outline of the cloth bunched up in between the straps.

Step 10.

With the lower legs done, we can fill in the pants. Most of the main wrinkles shoot outward from the crotch area. The wrinkles curl upon themselves as the fabric bunches up above the knees.

Step 11.

Now we'll draw in the feet. Baraka has some kind of martial arts shoes rocking here. I honestly don't understand the notch in the toe, but since he has it, we'll draw it. Add an extension of the shin armor on top of the feet.

Step 12.

Before you draw the arms, stop and think about the position of the hands. For this image, the hands will be in fists, with the palm side up. That means the underside of the forearm will also face upward, and the biceps will follow suit. Remember that   

Step 13.

Now for the forearms. You can draw the arm as normal and just add the triangular spikes afterward. The base of each spike will aim toward the elbow, and the points will point away around the elbow. Don't draw the spikes all going in the same directio   

Step 14.

...and speaking of which, now you can draw the hands. Use your own hands or someone else's for reference. You can always use a mirror or take a photo to get the angle you need.

Step 15.

Yay, the fun part -- Baraka's forearm blades. These suckers grow out from the forearm, above the wrist... so it's not quite like Wolverine's claws, although the idea is similar. Try to have the blades match the angle and curve of the forearms.

Step 16.

Now we can go back and revisit the torso. The main details here are the collar bones and chest muscles. Even though his chest is mostly covered, we can still indicate how ripped this guy is by using rounded curves. Even short lines are enough. Our br   

Step 17.

Oops, almost forgot the belt buckle. On the buckle and kneepads, draw a skull face with a line running down the center of the forehead. Then draw some bands and buttons on the shin guards, detail the shoes, and that's basically it.

Step 18.

The finished line art... or is it? You can definitely call it finished at this point, but once you have a simple drawing like this, it can be the base for a more complex piece of artwork. You can use a lightbox (or just tape the drawing to a window)    

Step 19.

And here's what I came up with, using the simple drawing as a base. Once you have all those shapes drawn, the rest is just a matter of detailing everything. A drawing like this will take much longer than the simple one, but the results can be very re   

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Description: Ok guys, this time we're going to draw Baraka from the Mortal Kombat video game series in a simple style. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. I put some serious love into it. PS- The blood spatter is from Check it out.