How to Draw Bulkhead, Transformers Prime, Bulkhead

Artist: KingTutorial / September 9, 2011

Step 1.

Let's start off with a simple base drawing. Use a large circle for the body, and asmaller circle for the head. We'll give Bulkhead a basic "ready" pose, with both arms bent. Draw a V for each arm and a circle for each fist. Then draw in simple lines    

Step 2.

I want to start the drawing with the fists. From this angle, the thumbs will overlap the fingers a bit. Each hand has only three fingers and one thumb. We're using basic rectangle shapes for the fingers, but notice how I cut off the corners. Doing th   

Step 3.

Bulkhead's forearms are basically just large cylinders, but instead of being smooth all the way around, there are many flat sides. We're going to outline these shapes with something almost like an elongated STOP sign shape (or octagon).

Step 4.

Outline the bicep using flat lines along a curve. The shoulder pads are almost like half clam shells that wrap around the shoulders. I've broken down this shoulder pad into smaller shapes to make it easier to draw.

Step 5.

Notice the Y shape in the middle of the shoulder pad. After you draw that, you can just mirror the part from Step 4 on the opposite side.

Step 6.

With this arm complete, I want to move into the chest. Begin with the lowest shape, coming in from the armpit area. Next draw the L-shape that sticks upward. Beneath that we can draw the pectoral armor. All of these armor panels can be drawn with str   

Step 7.

To complete the chest, just mirror all the shapes from Step 6.

Step 8.

Now let's finish up the lower torso. There's a rounded shape in the center of the stomach, and another similar shape below it. Two long shapes act as the crest of the hips.

Step 9.

This step is a bit complex. Indicate the crest on top of the head. Since this is a 3/4 angle, we'll slice a round divot out of the left side of the face. The chin is large and square. On both sides of the head, draw rectangular shapes overlapping tow   

Step 10.

With the complex rim shape drawn, we can easily fill in the different levels of the shoulder armor. You can see some of that clamshell look I was talking about here... or maybe I'm the only one who sees clamshells because I'm just that crazy.

Step 11.

The legs are pretty simple. Draw one large shape for the thighs and knees combined. Then draw another large shape for the lower legs, leaving a space for the feet. Finish up by rounding out the inner thighs.

Step 12.

Simple stuff here. Just outline the block of the toes, the heel, and draw a rim around the one foot.

Step 13.

I think we can get rid of the base drawing now. We're going to be drawing panel lines, so the guide lines will only get in the way from here on. Large curves will flesh out the shape of the forearms cylinders. Straight lines converging toward the elb   

Step 14.

Looks like I got a bit asymmetrical with the leg details, but no biggie. Draw T-shapes for the kneepads. Split each leg in half with a panel line down the center. From there it's just a matter of laying down more panels lines to flesh out the bulk of   

Step 15.

Same deal for the torso. More panel lines. The key details here are the headlights and grill from Bulkhead's vehicle alt mode, which ended up on his chest and stomach.

Step 16.

Bulkhead's head is a very basic design that I feel like I've seen a hundred times elsewhere. The early Mega Man games come to mind. In any case, the helmet forms the eyebrows and nose. The mouth and jaw lines sit very high on the face. At this point    

Step 17.

Just adding some details to the face here. I think this is a good place to wrap it up if you want a nice, clean drawing.

Step 18.

...If you want a grittier looking robot, however, this step's for you. A lot of what I did here was just outline the panels with some indication of reflections. There are additional details on the eyes, knuckles, tire treads, headlights, and in betwe   

Step 19.

That high-tech grill on the abdomen has enough detail that I gave it it's own step. I also decided that with all this added detail, the drawing has become so busy that it needs a bolder outline. This can be a bit time-consuming, and there's always a    

Step 20.

Ok, cool. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. There's still a lot of detail in these Transformers Prime characters, but I think the designs are more cohesive overall. It's a good mix of the old G1 and new movie aesthetics. Anyway, here's the f   

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Description: Hey guys. I'm taking a bit of a break from those overly complex movie designs. So for a change, this tutorial will tackle how to draw Bulkhead from the Transformers Prime series. It's a more meched-out version of his design in Transformers Animated. I hope you enjoy the tutorial.