How to Draw Optimus Prime Easy

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Begin step one by drawing out the head guide, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Next, use the circle you made in step one to draw out the shape or structure of Optimus Prime's head, face or mask. There is antenna like shapes off to each side, as well as a lot of detailing and other shapes that make up the facial structure. Remem   


Continue to work on the face by sketching out the lining that makes up the design of this Autobot's face.


Now his features start coming out because you will be adding much smaller detailing to the face like smaller lines and shapes to form a face within the metal robotic form.


You will draw each shape of the eye, then sketch in the vent lines on the lower part of the face, as well as all the vertical lines that flow down the forehead part of the head. When you feel that Optimus is fully detailed, you can clean things up so   


Here is what the end results look like. Now you can color in this drawing then show people who you just drew.

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August 11, 2013

Description: Okay folks so here is a few more lessons that I think some of you will enjoy. To start we will be tackling the task of learning "how to draw Optimus Prime easy", step by step. If you were to ask people who they thought is more popular, Optimus Prime or Megatron, I think you would have a toss up because it is really hard to choose which one of the two has more popularity. To me I would say Megatron because all villains have a certain quality that makes them better then the heroes. I think it's because they are cooler looking and have a lot of attitude. Anyways, even though Optimus Prime is drawn to look like a robot, he should still be simple to draw in easy format. I will be back with other tuts so try and stay tuned in. Peace out people.

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