How to Draw Kitana, Mortal Kombat, Princess Kitana

Artist: KingTutorial / July 14, 2011

Step 1.

Let's start off by drawing the basic underdrawing. There's a circle for the head and a larger circle for the chest. Draw a triangle for the pelvis, and connect this to the chest with two curves. Draw sticks for the arms and legs, and boxy shapes for    

Step 2.

On the actual lineart, begin by drawing the front sections of Kitana's hair. There are a few wavy strands that fall over her forehead.

Step 3.

Next outline the shape of the face. Add the eyes and eyebrows, then the ears and earrings. Draw an upside-down V for her mask, and draw a tiara on top of her head.

Step 4.

Start at the jaw and draw long curves to outline the neck and shoulders. Draw two lines for the collar bones.

Step 5.

For the breast area, draw an upside-down heart shape, with the point coming together at the base of the neck.

Step 6.

Draw the sides of the ribcage and stomach muscles. From the center of the chest, draw a wavy V-shape for the bottom seam of her "bra."

Step 7.

Begin this step by drawing the belt first. Note the triangular point in the center. From the sides, draw long, flowing curves down to the foot level and connect them with a wavy curve on the bottom. This will form her ridiculously long loin cloth. Ad   

Step 8.

Next draw the outline of the upper thighs, leading into the top of the boots. These are also upside-down V-shapes. I sense a pattern...

Step 9.

Now use long curves to outline the lower legs down to the feet. Add some wrinkles to define the knee and ankle areas, and draw a rim on the toe of each shoe.

Step 10.

To wrap up the main body shape, draw in the arms using long curves. After drawing the hands, use short curves for the seams on the elbows and wrists. Kitana also has diagonal armlettes on each upper arm.

Step 11.

Draw a collar around Kitana's neck. Then draw two curves from the tip of the heart shape to the bottom. This completes the outline of the bra. Draw a curve between the breasts, and continue the middle line down her stomach.

Step 12.

Use a series of wavy V-shapes to draw in Kitana's flowing hair. Alternate between short and long, narrow and wide shapes.

Step 13.

Draw the laces on Kitana's top.

Step 14.

Finish it up by adding highlights to her hair to give the hair shape some dimensions and indicate the flow of the various strands of hair.

Step 15.

And there you have it. The completed line art. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on Kitana. I should be posting a tutorial for her sister, Mileena, very soon, so keep an eye out for that and other Mortal Kombat characters. Feel free to leave some feed   

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Artist: KingTutorial
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Description: Hey guys. This time I'm going to tackle how to draw Kitana from the latest Mortal Kombat game. I'm going to use a simpler style for this one, so I hope everyone has an easy time following along.