How to Draw a Sugar Skull Tattoo, Sugar Skull Tattoo


Before we get started with drawing in some cool design work for our sugar skull, you will need to draw out the base or frame for the head. Start with a circle like so, and then draw in the facial guides like you see here. When that is done make a lin   


You will now sketch out the actual shape of the skull and be sure to make the cheek bones prominent like you see them drawn here.


Draw out the connecting jaw like so, and be sure to connect the lining to the bones of the cheeks, and then draw in both top and bottom row of teeth. Next and lastly for this step, draw out and color in the hollow nose.


Now the design starts. Begin by drawing two flower patterns for the eyes like so, and then draw in smaller flowers between the eyes. When that is done there is another design above the nose and some squiggly lines scattered around the eyes.


Here is where you will start sketching in your designs. You can choose to replicate what I do here, or you can draw in your own sugar skull designs. If you are going to go with the ones you see here, start at the right side. Begin sketching in the pa   


Now you will begin drawing out the designing on the opposite side of the skull the very same way you drew in the patterns on the right. Take your time, and don't rush. A sugar skull design can come out beautiful if you take your time.


This is the last drawing step, and the design patterns that you will be added is pretty simple. Just draw in some dots and a stem like line between the forehead, and then draw in the the nice pattern under the eyes, and on the cheeks. If there is mis   


When everything is all cleaned up, the drawing of your new sugar skull should look a lot like the one you see before you. Color in the designing and you are all done. Be sure to stay colorful when adding color.

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September 8, 2011

Description: I know you guys are gonna tell me that I already have a sugar skull lesson, but I really wanted to make another that was cleaner and carried a different design pattern. So today I will be showing you "how to draw a sugar skull tattoo", step by step. As I mentioned before, a sugar skull is a design that is used in a celebration for a holiday in Mexico known as ‘Day of the Dead’. This is a real holiday that is celebrated for two cold days on November 1st and 2nd. It’s basically a time where the people of central and southern Mexico can honor their loved ones that have passed away. So what are sugar skulls used for? Well, sugar skulls are made to give as an offering to the living, as well as the dead. The design I made for you guys today is something like you would see decorated in a village that is celebrating Day of the Dead. Of course I’m not Mexican, but I kind of get the idea on how to design such a skull. I think that this concept for "how to draw a sugar skull tattoo" will be liked by a lot of people, and then again some folks won’t like it. It’s all based on preference. Well, that’s about it for this lesson, I will be back shortly with more cool stuff to draw so stay tuned in.

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