How to Draw a Dagger Tattoo, Tattoo Dagger


Let's first start off with the essential guidelines needed to draw the basis of the skull. The guidelines will help support the formation of the shape and accuracy of the design, similar to the one shown in the preview image. The circles don't necess   


Then, we'll start sketching the face shape of the snake. It's best to draw this all in one shot to restrain from missing out on essential details that make up the face. The next step should be much easier. Notice how the top and lower jaw are similar   


This should be a fun part, because this is when the snake head really takes the form of epicness. You'll want to sketch the inner details of the face like the eye, nostrils, and other defining details. Afterwards, sketch the upper fangs, and work you   


Let's start working on the long neck/body for the snake. After we've completed this set of body, we can start sketching the skull, which should be fun! Keep the width of the body proportioned, depending on where the body starts and ends. For instance   


It's time to work on the skull! Let's start by drawing the top of the skull first, then slowly working our way to shaping the cheekbone as well as the brow which will frame the large eye sockets. Now, the next part, which is the frame of the teeth, i   


Now that we've drawn the shape of the skull, drawing the eye sockets and nose will be much easier. See how it's helped? You'll want to sketch the brows of the socket first. Afterwards, you can work on the eyeballs which add such a grungy feel to the    


Before drawing the dagger, fill in the teeth. Once you've done this, drawing the dagger will be much easier.


Now, here's a fun part, and I absolutely love drawing the lower jaw for skulls. You'll want to draw the frame of the lower jaw first before sketching in the teeth. The teeth should resemble the same size and style as the upper. You don't want to mish   


To complete the skull, enclose it with the backing, and finish up by filling in a few minor details that give this cool tat some character.


Lastly, finish off with the coiling snake body and the bone dagger. You can go ahead and stylize the dagger with your own type of design if you please. Remember, experimenting with your art is so much more interesting than keeping within the boundari   


This is what you should end up with after you've proofed your drawing and inked it. I recommend inking with micron pens or a black copic marker. Whatever floats your boat, go ahead and pursue. A drawing is never finished without the coloring or inkin   

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December 29, 2011

Description: My favorite lesson of the day, would definitely be this tutorial on “how to draw a dagger and skull”, step by step. Last night, before I was keen on my final decision for the third tutorial, I thought of an awesome idea after watching ‘L.A Ink’. There are lots of tattoos on daggers and snakes, so I wanted mine to stand out prominently from the others. I’ve spent a lot of time on this, and was completed during last night’s Livestream session. Lots of members watched the process, and it was a joy having them there. Like I’ve mentioned in my previous anime Sonic tutorial, I had a blast with the humorous events that occurred. I know I haven’t submitted any cool tattoos recently, so I’m trying to make up for it for the following days. Make sure that you’ve got yourself the patience and drawing tools needed for this lesson. I’ll break down the figure in simple shapes so it will be easier to draw for your needs. Anyways, gotta get moving to my last tutorial of the day, which has been begged of me to submit ;) Thanks for viewing folks, and don’t forget to bug me to show me your rendition! Peace and much love!

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