How to Draw Skin

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Here is a few diagrams of blemishes that is commonly seen on the human face. Number is is a sample of age spots. Number two is acne or pimples, three is freckles, and four is pours.


AS you can see in this sample diagram, whenever you draw wrinkles or bags under the eyes, there should be a certain amount of layers. Once there is enough layers for the area you are trying to tackle, you should end up with a detailed sketch like you   


When folks age, there are certain creases that needs to be placed in certain areas. For example, the crease around the nostril part of the nose is indented or defined more than that of a younger person. There is also wrinkles around the top lip of th   


Age spots are a common skin flaw for old folks. As we age, our skin dies off and spots are formed in it's place. You can place age spots anywhere on the skin as long as they look natural and not out of place.


Another skin blemish is moles and beauty marks. Moles are three dimensional so when you draw them on the skin, you have to be sure you shade it in just right to show what the spot is. If it is a beauty mark you are creating, just a small dot will do.


Lastly, freckles. Freckles are one of the most common thing on a persons face. Not one freckle spot looks the same so when you draw freckles, be sure that each spot is different in size and shape.

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October 30, 2010

Description: I know this may be an odd lesson to upload, but to me it makes perfect sense to do so. The other day I made a tutorial that shows the artist "how to draw skin", step by step. I mean think about it, how can you not want to teach yourself how to draw skin, which is a really important aspect to sketching or creating people. I’m sure you know that we humans don’t have flawless skin, unless of course we are babies, or young children. Even then children have skin with freckles, bumps, beauty marks, pores, and so forth. This tutorial is going to show you the many different surfaces of skin. Say you want to make a character face that has freckles, or a lot of age spots or wrinkles, you are going to need to know how they should appear on paper, and where to place each blemish. To me imperfect skin is nothing more than minor blemishes that can be hidden by using cosmetics that can be purchased in a variety of stores. But for those of you that are not so keen on using chemicals on your face, you can also choose to use organic cosmetics. These foundations are making their way to your shelves from the stores in a jiffy. Anyways, I’m sort of rambling on about make-up when I should just let you get to this tutorial. There is not going to be drawing steps per say, just descriptions and diagrams on how blemishes should look on the face. Sit back and read "how to draw skin" in a very detailed manor. I have more drawing fun coming your way so stay tuned in to see what getting uploaded next!

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