How To Draw A Cat

Artist: Dawn / December 19, 2007

Step 1.

Begin with a circle for the cat's head, then draw out the body shape and for this cat he/she is laying down relaxing. Sketch in the facial guidelines then proceed to step two.

Step 2.

You will now use the circle guide you made in step one to sketch out the shape of the cat's head and ears like so.

Step 3.

Next, begin sketching out the eyes, then add some shading around the inside of each eye. Draw the nose and lips as well.

Step 4.

Before going any further, sketch the whiskers, and since this is a tiger cat, you will need to add the stripes. Don't forget to add that fuzz along the jawline.

Step 5.

Now we can work on getting almost the whole body drawn out. Sketch the front chest and legs like so, then draw the back arch.

Step 6.

Add the lining for the cat's toes, then draw the stripes on the chest, shoulders, legs and feet.

Step 7.

Here you will draw out the rest of the body and as you can see this kitty is in a laying pose.

Step 8.

Draw in the tail, then add the whiskers on the other side of the face along with the stripes on the body. Don't forget to draw in the toe lines too. Erase your mistakes before leaving this step.

Step 9.

When you're done you should end up with this freaked out cat! Meooowww! The light burns my eyeballs! I hope this tutorial taught you a lot on how to draw a cuddly kitty!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 19, 2007
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Description: Wowie! Look at this cuddly kitten! oh my god, isn't it just precious?! This is dragon_king speaking and today we're going to learn "how to draw a cat" like the one above. As everyone knows, cats and kittens are small carnivores and are descendants from their large cousins, lions, tigers, leopards, and so on. Polls say that cats and kittens are one of the best quiet animals to have around your home. Preferably, people have cats as pets when they live in apartments because they are small and easy to maintain, and because dogs aren't allowed in most apartment complexes. Aaww sorry dogs! The best feature about a dog is that it has feeling for its owner. They cling to its owner forever. Hey its man's best friend! On the other hand cats manipulate owners for food and warmth of a home. There are hardly any cats that care for their owner. Unless, you've had your cat since it was a kitten. Then there could be a strong connection with your cat and you. The past cats I've had hated me. They always bit me and scratched for no reason. My last cat, Puffy, loved my mom to death. It always clung to her and lay on top of her back all the time. My mom always gets the cats to love her. Oh well, I hope this tutorial on how to draw a cat will help you in the future, and remember you can also use this tutorial on "how to draw a cat" or kitten, all you have to do is draw them to look smaller. I will leave you to this awesome tutorial, and I will also get on the ball and submit more drawing fun. Stay tuned in my little kiddies!