How to Draw Easy Faces


I will admit that drawing faces is often pretty daunting but once you get used to it and get your own technique down, it is very rewarding. So, before getting started draw a few faces using whatever technique you use right now. DO NOT use any referen   


Let's move on to the lesson. Make sure you have a clean sheet of paper and a pencil. I will be alternating between 6 general faces and 1 more detailed one. You can pick which type of face you want to draw or you can be awesome and try drawing all of    


It is always helpful to trace a circle if you can't sketch one yet but at least work towards learning how to sketch a decent circle.


Next step involves adding a chin and dividing the face in half with a dashed line. Notice how different all of the chin types are.


Remember that feminine chins are more rounded than masculine ones.


Now you need to dash in the guidelines for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Mess around with the section sizes to create more variety and uniqueness for your face.


You can add more guidelines if you need them. I am just more comfortable with these ones. Do what works best for you.


Add in the ears and neck. You can also add in a hair line at this stage.


Keep your ear lengths between the tip of the nose and the eyebrows. The neck shouldn't be thicker than the head.


I find it easier to work bottom up, so this step involves adding the mouth.


Start with a simple line where the lips meet.


Build your lips around that line.


Move up to the nose. Play around with nose size and type.


I like putting the tip of the nose at the base of the guide circle. You can move it up or down depending on what look you are going for.


Now you can add the eyes and eyebrows. Play with eye size and eye shapes.


Start with a simple line for the bottom eyelid.


Add the top eyelids. Play with the shape of them until you get the look that you are looking for.


Add in the irises and the eyelashes.


Finally, add in the eyebrows.


Sketch in the hair.


You can start by drawing simple shapes.


You can then build on the guidelines and outline the general shape of the hair.


You can now erase the guidelines and darken the necessary lines.


I chose to use markers to darken the lines. If you don't have a fine line marker you can also use a normal black pen.


You can call it done with the outlines or color it using your favorite method. I used watercolor pencils and white ink. I hope this tutorial was helpful! Remember that you can print this tutorial out and trace the steps that you are having trouble wi   

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April 5, 2011

Description: Hey guys, this is my newest how to draw faces tutorial. This one is less about technique and more about the process behind drawing a face. I am aiming this more towards novice-beginner artists but I hope that everyone can benefit from this tutorial regardless of skill level.

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