How to Draw a Anime Face

Artist: Dawn / May 16, 2010

Step 1.

In this step, you have to draw the circles with the guidelines. It would be best to draw the circle first and then the guidelines. The same thing applies for the front view of the male's face. Make sure you sketch these guidelines lightly.

Step 2.

Here in this step you will start sketching out some more details to the face. I'd advise you to draw the shape of the face before you sketch the start of the eyes. Make sure you keep within the guidelines for the eyes.

Step 3.

This step will be pretty easy to complete. Draw the details of the eyes, nose, and mouth for the faces. It's ideal to draw the rest of the eyes first and then the rest. I always start with the shape of the face and then the eyes. After that, comes th   

Step 4.

Drawing the hair for your faces will be various. There are so many hair styles you can equip your faces with. If you want to add your own hair style, ignore this step as well as 'Step 5.'

Step 5.

If you chose to sketch out the hair style that I have drawn on these anime faces, you will need to finish the style off. This is easily done by drawing the females long, puffy hair shifted over her shoulder. Sketch out the necks, and then add the las   

Step 6.

When you are done this is how your anime faces come out looking. You can choose to color them in, or leave them as a sketch.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 16, 2010
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Description: Hey guys, I thought I'd submit a tutorial on how to draw the most basic part of anatomy which is the human head. In this very helpful lesson, you'll learn "how to draw a anime face", step by step". By learning how to draw the head first, you'll ease the difficulty drawing an anime character in whole. I always start my drawings with a decent circle and then lay my guidelines inside it. It doesn't matter which way the character's head is turned in, you must always have that circle and guidelines. Without drawing with guidelines, you'll end with a sloppy and disproportionate face. I consider buying and using H pencils in order to have the guidelines faded so they erase easier. A lot of people have problems with having dark guidelines. I use a graphics program to draw the sketches in, so it's totally easier to get rid of mess ups. Not only that but, you can align the facial features correctly without erasing. It's easy to accomplish that by using the lasso tool. Most people who are familiar with Photoshop or GIMP know how to do this. I might actually make a tutorial on how to use the 'Lasso Tool'. Anyway, drawing the anime head will be much easier to accomplish by following this tutorial. I spent a lot of time drawing this live. My favorite drawing would have to be the one to the left. Thanks for viewing, and have fun!