How to Draw a Tribal Face

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Begin by making a medium sized triangle with a vertical line in the middle.


The first thing you will do is draw in arrow like shapes for the sides of the nose, and then continue with the same lining to draw out the sharp looking eye design. When that is done draw out the tribal design for the mouth or top lip.


The next thing to do is to continue to draw out the design of the winged effect of the eyes like so. When this is done, be sure to add some colored in spots, and one dripping tear on the left eye. Be sure to take your time so your tribal eyes come ou   


Add more detailing by drawing in the tribal brows for this face. Once that is done you can start sketching out the tribal design of the nose like you see here. When you are done drawing out these two things, be sure to color them in so they are bold    


For the last drawing step, all you have to do is color in the eyes, tear, and lips. Once that is done you can begin erasing the triangle you drew back in step one to clean up this drawing.


Look how awesome your drawing came out. You can color in the black any shade you like. For me black is the most common color, but it's also okay to be different once in a while.

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October 22, 2010

Description: No, this is not the lesson I was talking about when I said I was stuck on a title for a tutorial I made yesterday. But yes, it is a tribal design that I was inspired to draw for no good common reason. Yesterday for a live drawing, I decided to do something awesome, simple, and cool. I made a lesson on "how to draw a tribal face", step by step. Tribal art has become such a big part of my artistic self. I have done so many different types of tribal designs, and the more I draw the better I become. I really like the way this drawing came out, and to tell you the truth it’s probably one of my favorite tribal drawings I have made so far. This would actually make an awesome tattoo design for someone that is looking for a simple tribal design to get inked on their body. This is an awesome sketch for a back, shoulder, or even on the side of the body like the rib cage under the arm area. If you’re not sure what exactly the art is, let me tell you. It is a tribal design of a face that is crying and saddened by loss. You can even see the sour soul in the tribal expression of the face, and this was drawn out to look this way. No it’s not a young face; instead the drawing suggests that the face is of an older man between the ages of thirty and forty five. If you look closely, I tried making the eye design look like the wings of a phoenix. The eyes are by far one of the favorite things about this drawing. I think you will like this sketch because not only is it going to be good fun to "draw a tribal face", it’s going to be simple to replicate as well. I will be back soon with one more lesson for you all so stay tuned in. I think I just might have a title for the drawing. Adios people!

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