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how to draw simple foxy

Artist: Dragoness_artist / March 12, 2015
how to draw simple foxy

Step 1.

draw a circle for the head

Step 2.

draw the first ear

Step 3.

draw the fur on his had an part of foxy's cheek

Step 4.

next draw this

Step 5.

do more of his fur

Step 6.

draw his jaw

Step 7.

add this next

Step 8.

add this next

Step 9.

add this next

Step 10.

now add the chest and fur

Step 11.

now add the eye patch and the other eye

Step 12.

erase the circle that you drew on the first step and darken the lines

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Kitteh_Artist · 7 years ago
Farty :speechless: =B =B =B =B =B =B =B =B
Dragoness_artist · 7 years ago
Kitteh_Artist · 7 years ago
Dragoness_artist · 7 years ago
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Artist: Dragoness_artist
Date Added: March 12, 2015
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Tags: how to draw five nights at freddys characters
Description: this is a foxy tutorial that I did