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how to draw a gryphon

Artist: Dragoness_artist / March 14, 2015
how to draw a gryphon

Step 1.

first draw this. include all details! XP

Step 2.

do the beak

Step 3.

add the fluff

Step 4.

now add the first part of the wings

Step 5.

add more of the wings

Step 6.

add this next

Step 7.

add the leg

Step 8.

add the next leg :P

Step 9.

add the other wing and the claws

Step 10.

ad the feathers owo

Step 11.

now add the feathers of the other wing

Step 12.

now erase the circles you did in the first step 8P

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Artist: Dragoness_artist
Date Added: March 14, 2015
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Description: this is a griffon that I did! I hope you like it!