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Aerios the galaxy dragon

Artist: Dragoness_artist / March 10, 2015
Aerios the galaxy dragon

Step 1.

first you do this! XP

Step 2.

do this next. ( I know that people don't really read this)

Step 3.

next you add the horns

Step 4.

now add the head shape and the two extra horns.

Step 5.

next do the folded wing. (if I skipped too much for this part tell me)

Step 6.

now add the claw on the dragon and add a little more to the neck

Step 7.

now add the tail

Step 8.

now add the eyes and stuff XD

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Artist: Dragoness_artist
Date Added: March 10, 2015
Steps: 8
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Tags: draw dragons
Description: this is a simple galaxy dragon named aerios