How to Draw Freddy Fazbear vs Foxy the Fox


Are you ready? Good, let's get started. Begin with two head guides and then the body guides. You will then sketch in the facial guidelines, then move to step two.


Let's start with Freddy. Draw in the forehead, shape of the face and then draw Freddy's muzzle or snout along with the mouth line.


We will draw in the small top hat and then draw Freddy's ear from stem to tip.


To finish Freddy's face you will draw out the shape of his eye, then around the eye add shading to create a sunken in look. Draw the eyebrow and then color in a nose, whisker holes and then add the seam lines along the side of the head. We will also    


Begin drawing Freddy's body. We will begin with the torso and then the shoulder/arm. Add shading around the shoulder, then draw in some of the bow tie.


Complete Freddy off by drawing the marking on the belly, then add the paw and gadget in his hand.


Are you ready to begin drawing Foxy? Okay then, let's get started. Use the head guide to draw out the shape of Foxy's head, cheek and ear like so.


Add some sprigs of hair on Foxy's head, then draw in the ear detailing as well as the stem of the ear and the shading under it.


We will draw the eyeball, color in the shading around the eye and then draw the eyebrow and color that in as well. Sketch in the mouth/teeth, then draw the whisker holes.


Lastly, draw in the body. This is only the shoulder, arm and chest. We will then draw the hook hand and some shading at the crease of the arm. Erase all your mistakes and you are done.


Here is the line art when you are all done. Now you can color in the two characters as they are in a dual pose.

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March 30, 2015

Description: This is just a dual concept art lesson on how to draw Freddy Fazbear vs Foxy the Fox, step by step. This particular concept has been requested more than once so, like always I thought there would be a real need for such a tut. As you can see the two Five Night's at Freddy's characters are not in their adult form. Instead I drew them in a chibi or toy version. Well, I guess that's all I have to say about this tut because what can you really say about a dual concept. I will return with a few more lessons that will put smiles on your faces so stay tuned in.

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